Meet Ali in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri

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Book Signing and Show- April 26th 5:30-9PM

This book signing and "pop up" show will be held in Ali’s hometown of Ste Genevieve, Missouri, at The Merchant Street Gallery.This event is both a book signing for her new book, Modern Fresco Paintings, and the 10 year anniversary of "Brilliance in the lost moment of hesitation", The Milly Paintings.There will be books for purchase at the event or you can bring your copy for Ali to sign.(The book is available online at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc)

The work that will be featured at this show include twenty modern fresco paintings that were painted from 2009-2019. These works are both on loan from collectors and from Ali's personal collection. The selection will include twelve paintings of Milly, and eight paintings of people that Ali met through Milly's inner circle.

This event will be held during Ste Genevieve's Fourth Friday Art Walk. There will be art shows and events throughout the town. Everyone is welcome!

Available in Bookstores now!

Artists & Illustrators - May 2019 ISSUE

Watercolor Artist April - 2019 ISSUE

Modern Fresco Paintings

“Modern Fresco Paintings is the first collection of Ali Cavanaugh’s paintings, and it follows her entire career using watercolor on kaolin clay to create her modern fresco technique and the lovely work that flows from it. Beginning with her hyper-realistic portraits and ending with her latest, more free-flowing pictures, her use of light, color, and the human form captures the essence of her models and their forms and feelings in a particular moment.

Cavanaugh’s artistic sensibility was developed by two important events in her childhood. Her dependence on the visual world began when she lost much of her hearing through spinal meningitis when she was two, and her creative spirit developed out of her being raised in a rural environment where she had to create her own ways of expressing herself and making her own fun.

She developed her stunning modern fresco medium almost by accident as she was learning to apply the outer layer of plaster to her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This volume illustrates her growth as an artist and her mastery of the technique.

These are lovely works, painted masterfully. Both long-time followers of Cavanaugh’s work---from the earliest “Sock Arms” paintings to those who found her through more recent work like the Chroma series---and those who are discovering her and her art for the first time, will be delighted by this collection.” -Strand Bookstore, New York

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