mentoring with ali

Ali offers one on one mentoring sessions to artists. If you would like private and confidential advice pertaining to the development of your work or your art career planning please feel free to send us an email. Ali specializes in helping emerging and mid-career artists overcome obstacles and find success and happiness with their work. The mentoring sessions are done over the phone. Email us and we will review your work/website. At that time we will set up a date and time to talk. The sessions are $150/hr billed through Paypal before the session.


feedback from artists that Ali has mentored:

I've got to admit, I was nervous about having a mentoring session with Ali because 1) her work is AMAZING, and 2) I feel like I'm really early in my art career, and 3) not having any formal training lingers bad-pennyish in the back of my mind. Ali dissuaded all of that. She was so personable and easy to share with -- she really has an amazing gift in being able to make you feel comfortable and welcome and valued -- all over the phone. I was also a little apprehensive about the idea of a phone conversation - how well would that work? But given the fact that we live 1500+ miles apart, it was the THE option. It went extremely well.  Ali was so careful to really keep our conversation focused on the topic at hand and the questions I had. She had thoughtfully prepared the things she wanted to touch on that she thought would be helpful for me for where I'm at in my artistic journey. She was also very transparent about her own journey, and while it might have been easy to sidetrack the conversation into being all about her (because she's got an amazing story!), she always had a purpose in her sharing and she always circled back and connected her thoughts back to the issues I was thinking about. I left the conversation encouraged, more confident in my next steps, and excited about the future of my work. The hour I spent with her was well-invested, and I will definitely talk with her again down the road.   -Cassie Bouska


"Ali is a great artist. She's an even better listener. I contacted her expecting to hear a lot of textbook information about "how to sell art"...worried it might be the kind of information I could get myself for $1.50 in late charges at the library. Instead, what I got was a much better understanding of myself. Ali took the time to get to know me. Her number one priority was to get a deep understanding of what made me tick: who am I, how did I become me, what motivates me, where do I want to go from here, and what's standing in my way-- the stuff we think we know until we actually sit down and articulate it. When you don't know exactly where you're headed, it's easy to wind up stranded in a ditch somewhere with a flat tire. Having Ali as a mentor is like having AAA in your back pocket as you navigate along the treacherous roads of the art world. I would highly recommend her mentorship to anyone who sincerely cares about their art and their career."  -Gina Hawes
instagram: @ginahaweswatercolors

“Knowing Ali from her amazing paintings, I was happy to learn that she also offers mentoring to artists on an hourly basis. It is rare to find guidance and direction from a successful artist, but it is so needed. We artists tend to forge our careers with a lot of trial and error. Being able to tap in and learn from Ali’s experience and expertise is a real gift. She offered me several new ways to approach my painting and the marketing of my work and I am very grateful to her.”    -Kerry Schroeder


 “As an emerging artist, the art world looks murky and confusing. Talking to Ali gave me a much better understanding of how to navigate things in a practical way, without losing any joy in my work. I feel much more in control of my career. She’s encouraging, experienced, and easy to talk to, and I think any bewildered (or otherwise frustrated) artist would find her mentorship to be a wonderful resource.”  -Janie Stapleton

I had a wonderful mentoring session with Ali. Her way of speaking is very warm and welcoming. She gave me a lot to think about in regards to where I should head next with my work. She connects with what being a mother, wife and artist is all about. With all our obligations and duties, we must still find a way to create, not despite of it all but in unison. She is very generous with her insight and experience in all aspects of her life and business. She shared information on how some galleries work and her experiences. We talked  about commissions and teaching as ways to support an artist career. Best of all, I got to ask her about my work. What she thought about it and her suggestions about where to proceed next. She was very honest and reassuring with her review and suggestions. I am grateful for her taking the time to mentor. Having such an inspirational artist that holds the same values give me permission to follow my joy is invaluable.  Thank you Ali!    - Nancy Cuevas


"Ali Cavanaugh is not only a talented and successful artist, she is also an articulate, knowledgeable, kind, and enthusiastic motivator. She is eager to help other artists in different stages of their careers, sharing the knowledge she has gained from growing her own business. Despite twenty years in advertising (before I started painting full-time five years ago) I still needed Ali’s advice. Her counsel on social marketing has expanded my marketing reach to a new audience.  No matter what age, or what stage we are in our careers, we all need mentors. Thank you Ali." -Jan Heaton

"Ali is a seasoned professional who gives solid advice for navigating the art business world. She shares her experiences in a way that helps take the guess work out of planning your own career. I came away from our conversation feeling inspired and invigorated to continue with my work and a belief and trust that I will get to where I want to go. Ali is a wonderful mentor and I'm so very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her. "  -Beth Sistrunk